Selinux under FC-4 ?

Timothy Murphy tim at
Thu Mar 31 01:15:51 UTC 2005

Stephen Smalley wrote:

>> Will I be able to turn off selinux under FC-4 ?
>> Life is hard enough without inventing problems ...
> You should always be able to turn it off during the install or
> subsequently using system-config-securitylevel.  No plans to change that
> AFAIK.  But I'm not sure what you mean by the latter statement.

While selinux is probably important for big systems,
I don't think it offers much for a home user like myself.
It's possible, I suppose, that someone might get through my firewall
(shorewall) but it doesn't seem very likely,
as I don't run any services visible from outside.

On the other hand, when I very gently tested the water with selinux
it had a number of unforeseen consequences,
and it was clear that I would have to study the matter
if I were to run the selinux service.


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