Selinux under FC-4 ?

Colin Walters walters at
Thu Mar 31 16:16:35 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 15:31 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Colin Walters wrote:
> > For a home user system you're not likely running Apache HTTPD, so I
> > don't see why you have trouble with the current policy anyways.
> Actually I am running httpd on my desktop (for internal use).
> IIRC, that was where some at least of my selinux problems appeared.

Ok.  You can turn enforcement off just for Apache, you know:

This is far more preferable than disabling entirely.

> However, I'm happy enough for selinux to be there,
> as long as I can turn it off.

Please don't do that; reporting bugs instead (and perhaps disabling
enforcement for pecific services as an interim measure) will help us
solve problems and benefit everyone.

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