Problems with firmware loader and selinux

Dmitry Torokhov dmitry.torokhov at
Thu Mar 31 22:39:34 UTC 2005

Ahem, with the proper subject this time around...


Apologies if this is not the proper mailing list...

I have a FC3 with day-before-yesterday pull from Linus and
selinux-policy-targeted installed from rawhide. Everything seems to be
working fine ecxept for my wireless card (prism54), which can't get
it's firmware loaded. It looks like selinux policy prevents firmware
loader to create "firmware" class device. I get avc denied search
message for process /sbin/ip (which is ifconfig_t) and tcontext is
sysfs_t. It looks like the rights are inherited from "ip" markings
whereas I would say that firmware loader is should operate in
completely different context.

Anyone have any pointers?

Thank you in advance,


P.S. I would appreciate if you CC me as I am not subscribed to the list.

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