using selinux to control user access to files

alex at alex at
Wed May 11 14:44:50 UTC 2005

Quoting Steve G <linux_4ever at>:

> This is all in work. The 0.7.4 audit package has some information 
> about setting
> file watches (auditctl -w -p ). However, you need to have a kernel 
> that's patched
> for it. We are still peer reviewing this capability. I think we have 
> just a few
> more locking issues to solve and then it will be sent to lkml. I have put the
> tools into FC4 so that when the file system auditing patch does go 
> upstream & you
> do a kernel update, everything starts working.

Sounds like great news.

I take it that even if I fire up auditd on RHEL4 today, and attempt to 
play with
auditctl, it isn't going to work until there is updated kernel (or I
patch/recompile existing kernel)?

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