/tmp/gconfd-* : wrong type after 'augmenting' user

Tom London selinux at gmail.com
Sun May 15 18:49:31 UTC 2005

Running strict/enforcing, latest rawhide.

I changed an existing user to a 'sysadm' user by adding to
local.users, rebuilt/installed new policy, and did a 'restorecon -v
-R' of home directory, /etc, /tmp, ....

On reboot, logging shows that the preexisting /tmp/gconfd-XXX 
remained labeled as 'user_u:....'.

Removing  it (and several 'aumix*' files that were similarly labeled),
and rebooting 'fixed' this.

Is this the best, or does it make sense to considering adding 'per
user' rules for such files?

Tom London

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