SE Linux installer changes needed - was Re: /etc/ and FC4T3

Jeremy Katz katzj at
Mon May 16 19:36:29 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-05-17 at 01:44 +1000, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 May 2005 01:13, Peter Jones <pjones at> wrote:
> > > initrd.  Sure an initrd can support ext2 with labels, but that's not
> > > being done at the moment and such a significant change is unlikely to be
> > > made to the installer in a hurry.
> >
> > Anaconda has been using initramfs for boot media since November.  Are
> > you sure you mean initrd?
> That was my understanding of it, I thought that initrd=whatever for the boot 
> loaded made it use initrd.  Could you please give me a URL for the correct 
> information.

The initramfs is loaded using the protocol for loading initrds (ie,
placing a blob at a certain location in memory by the bootloader instead
of munging the kernel binary to have the initrd stuck at the end of it).


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