selinux, httpd, and nfs

Ben bench at
Sun Sep 4 18:10:37 UTC 2005

I'm trying to use NFS to make a bunch of images available for apache.  
SELinux on the apache server seems to be getting in the way, and this  
time I think it really is SELinux, because apache can serve the  
images just fine when I'm not enforcing. When I turn on enforcing, I  
get permission denied messages.

Unfortunately, there are no avc messages being generated, even when I  
follow the steps listed out here:

I suspect the issue might have something to do with there being no  
SELinux attributes on the files in my image directory.... but without  
any avc messages, it's hard to tell.

Interestingly, even when I am enforcing, I can copy and read the  
files.... just not with apache.

I'm using:


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