cant create dirs from vsftpd

Peter Magnusson iocc at
Mon Sep 5 01:26:53 UTC 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Lamont R. Peterson wrote:

>>>> Also, Im not so sure that I like that I cant see alot of dirs when Im
>>>> logged in at the ftp.
>>> Give specific examples, and why you think FTP should be able to see that
>> system dirs, like /bin in the root and a few dirs and files in my homedir.
>>> dir? Most security people would consider this behavior in general a
>>> feature rather than a bug - but if there's a *specific* corner case that
>>> needs different treatment, we probably can fix it.
>> I expect to see the same files as when I login over ssh or sits in front of
>> the computer. I dont see why vsftpd should be special in any way so I dont
>> see some dirs or files.
> Perhaps, I'm just a little bit confused.  Are you wanting your FTP server to
> provide access to the entire filesystem space?  It seems like that is what
> you are asking for and that is not how FTP works.

My non-anonymous vsftpd server under FC3 works exactly like that. But 
selinux in FC4 have problems with that. The polcy is broken.

> FTP like HTTP serves up files only from a subset of the filesystem space.  You
> wouldn't want your web server providing access to the entire filesystem,
> would you?  The same is true of FTP.
> Please, if I am misunderstanding what you are trying to accomplish here, feel
> free to explain it.

Yes, you are. Im NOT talking about an anonymous ftp server. I login with my 
user and I expect to have the same files available as when I login over 
ssh or sits in front of the computer.

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