problem booting a 2.6.13 kernel with selinux enabled

Joy Latten latten at
Fri Sep 9 21:38:35 UTC 2005

I have installed Fedora Core 4 on my machine with selinux enabled
and have followed the instructions to enable MLS. Both are working.
I have compiled a 2.6.13 kernel from with selinux enabled in
my kernel. However, I am unable to boot into my 2.6.13 kernel.
When I disable selinux (selinux=0) or set (enforcing=0) my kernel
boots up ok. When I boot into my 2.6.13 kernel with selinux enabled, the
boot hangs after the SELinux initializations and at the point I believe
udev is suppose to get started. 

When I tried booting into my 2.6.13 kernel with "enforcing=0 single"
and did a restorecon /etc/mtab, then did a setenforce 1 to switch to
enforcing mode and exited the single user shell to come up in multi-user
mode, it worked. I am sure I am stepping around something. :-)
(These steps are similar to those in instructions.) I did get
a bunch of the following messages from "dmesg"

audit(1126300655.450:2839259): avc:  denied  { search } for  pid=2199
comm="klogd" name="/" dev=tmpfs ino=1168
tcontext=system_u:object_r:tmpfs_t:s0 tclass=dir

I do not understand but am very curious to know why I cannot boot
straight into my 2.6.13 kernel?  Does 2.6.13 introduce some changes?

A colleague experienced similar problem. Has anyone else experienced
this problem or can explain to me what is happening?


Joy Latten


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