cupsd: minor nit

Russell Coker russell at
Mon Sep 12 08:15:26 UTC 2005

On Saturday 10 September 2005 08:40, Tom London <selinux at> wrote:
> Running targeted/enforcing, latest rawhide.
> If I 'remove' a USB printer (via 'rmmod usblp') and then reboot,
> printconf-tui tries to create the directory /var/cache/foomatic. This fails
> with:
> [This seems 'harmless', since printing appears to work, but ...]

If there is no functionality lost through not allowing this then I don't think 
it's a good idea to allow it.

Why is the directory being created?  If the directory in question deserves to 
exist then should it be created by the package and therefore have no need for 
the printconf-tui program to create it?

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