selinux and squirrelmail in FC4

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Mon Sep 19 20:22:15 UTC 2005


I have a FC4 system, kernel: 2.6.12-1.1447_FC4,  selinux targeted, enforced,
installed:  selinux-policy-targeted-1.25.4-10.1,

If I setenforce 0, then users can log in squirrelmail and read/send emails w/o
problems.  If I setenforce 1, then users cannot login sm. The error message

Error connecting to IMAP server: localhost.
13 : Permission denied

However, the system log does not show error message about it.  So, if I run
the selinux command, I got:

# audit2allow -l -i /var/log/messages -o

# make load
make: Nothing to be done for `load'.

BTW, users can still run pine to read/send emails.  I tried to set
squirrelmail's server setting using sendmail or smtp, but no help.

Can somebody tell how to solve the problem?


Hongwei Li

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