FC4 last updates kill postfix+postgrey

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Tue Sep 27 18:58:01 UTC 2005

Daniel J Walsh wrote:

> No.  But are you seeing any AVC messages?  Try to run with setenforce 0,
> and see what AVC messages are generated.
> No need to relabel or reboot.

I saw a notification of a new version of the targeted policy in the
testing repo fly by, so I downloaded it and updated to it.

* Tue Sep 27 2005 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 1.27.1-2.3
- Fixes for postfix, amanda, bluetooth
- Merge in changes from Rawhide.

In the meanwhile my x86_64 postalias (a postfix utility) started
segfaulting for no apparent reason (with or without selinux, and after
reloading it from the rpm), since this is in the /etc/init.d/ script for
postfix this killed postfix as a whole.  strace did not show any funny
business nor did -v -v.  I removed the x86_64 postfix package and
replaced it with the x86 postfix package.  That worked fine without
altering any config except returning the /etc/postfix/main.cf back to my
original one.  No idea what that was about.

At the end of all this I can go back to enforcing without errors or avc
messages, so I guess that is 'fixed' by the new policy rpm and/or the
local.te line.  Thanks for the help and sorry for the unclear nature of
the resolution.

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