bounce email address (was Yum SELINUX Updates.)

Andy Green andy at
Tue Sep 27 21:20:02 UTC 2005

Daniel J Walsh wrote:

>> Another "stupid" question, all posts from the list originates from
>> fedora-selinux-list-bounces at, I would assume that it means that
>> the mails are bouncing in my mailbox, but I am not aware that should
>> be the
>> case, and my isp is telling me that everything is working OK.

> I thought this would mean you were not subscribed to the list.  But
> since you got this one through not sure what it means.

It's just a way all the Redhat lists detect and deal with nonfunctional
email MTA at the subscribers.  After enough bounces are collected by
that return email address your subscription is put on hold.  This is to
stop monster mailqueues having to be dealt with by Redhat constantly
retrying dead addresses for every mail, etc.

All Redhat mails come from a similar address all the time, it doesn't
reflect any problems.

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