Sharing partitions between FC4 and FC5

Stephen Smalley sds at
Wed Apr 5 18:09:19 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 18:31 +0100, Ron Yorston wrote:
> Stephen Smalley wrote:
> >A MLS compatibility patch went into Linux 2.6.15 and was back ported to
> >one of the FC4 kernel updates.  Is your FC4 kernel updated?
> I think I'm entirely up to date:
>    # uname -r
>    2.6.16-1.2069_FC4
>    # rpm -qa | grep selinux
>    selinux-policy-targeted-1.27.1-2.22
>    libselinux-devel-1.23.11-1.1
>    libselinux-1.23.11-1.1

Only the kernel matters.  2.6.15 and later should accept a MLS suffix
(the :s0 part) on the context of on-disk inodes even if MLS is disabled
in the policy.  Bugzilla it.

Stephen Smalley
National Security Agency

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