SELinux support in awstats RPM

Aurelien Bompard gauret at
Sun Apr 9 15:02:44 UTC 2006

Paul Howarth wrote:
> There was some discussion on local policy tweaks in packages last month
> (OK, I made a post and Stephen replied...):

Yes, I saw that, it helped me find the right command.

> The suggestion there was for a separate -policy subpackage but I think
> handling context changes in %pre should be OK.

OK. I don't think I'll change the policy frequently for such a small
package, so I don't think a separate rpm is necessary in this particular

> Shouldn't you remove the local policy customisation in %postun though?

Well, I wonder. The database files will be left over after uninstall,
because we don't want to loose that data, so should I not leave the proper
file context definition as well ?
I guess I'll remove the customization for the cgi-bin, this one is removed.


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