SELinux enforcing disallows opening floppy drive in Nautilus

Ron Yorston rmy at
Wed Apr 12 18:33:26 UTC 2006

Stephen Smalley <sds at> wrote:
>On Wed, 2006-04-12 at 09:12 -0500, J. K. Cliburn wrote:
>> On 4/12/06, Ron Yorston <rmy at> wrote:
>> > "J. K. Cliburn" <jcliburn at> wrote:
>> > >When I try to open a floppy drive in Nautilus, nothing happens except
>> > >the following message is logged in /var/log/messages.
>> > >
>> > >Apr 11 20:02:02 osprey kernel: audit(1144803722.736:26): avc:  denied
>> > >{ write } for  pid=6730 comm="mount" name="mtab" dev=hda3 ino=6843966
>> > >scontext=user_u:system_r:mount_t:s0 tcontext=user_u:object_r:etc_t:s0
>> > >tclass=file
>> > >
>> > >What do I need to do to enable opening the floppy drive?
>> >
>> >    chcon -t etc_runtime_t /etc/mtab
>> Thanks for your reply, Ron.  If "ls -Z" already shows etc_runtime_t on
>> /etc/mtab, will the chcon you suggest change anything?  (Just trying
>> to learn.)
>No, it won't relabel if it already has the right type.  But from your
>avc message, at some earlier point, it had the wrong type (etc_t).  The
>implication is that some process re-created /etc/mtab at some point
>without having a proper type transition, so it was left in etc_t, and
>later it was again re-created but this time by a process with a type
>transition defined, so that it was put back into etc_runtime_t.

And "some process" can be as simple as umount:

   # ls -Z /etc/mtab
   -rw-r--r--  root     root     system_u:object_r:etc_runtime_t  /etc/mtab
   # ls -i /etc/mtab
   31987 /etc/mtab
   # umount /opt
   # ls -Z /etc/mtab
   -rw-r--r--  root     root     user_u:object_r:etc_t            /etc/mtab
   # ls -i /etc/mtab
   33358 /etc/mtab


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