SElinux Removal?

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Thu Apr 13 16:52:51 UTC 2006

Is it possible to remove SELinux completely during FC5 installation, or
even when installed?

So far problems during YUM updates (It gives errors while installing
policies then freezes Yum) have destroyed my system twice. 
(In both cases the system refuses to boot with an error "not syncing:
Attempting to kill init!".

Passing a parm of selinux=disabled to the kernel allowed a boot, but all my
attempts to make this permanent then fail and I end up reinstalling and

I *cannot* complain that it is insecure, I can't even edit the files to
disable it more permanently from the rescue function..
My problem is that for the systems I build it is overkill at the "BFG to
kill a flea level"...

I admit to being a newbie, I only started 10 years ago, *never* had
anything so good at locking down my PC, it seems to be a first class option
for DRM.. 

So, can I get rid of it completely, 
1) I tried uninstalling everything with SELinux in the name, interesting
effect try it one day when you have some time... 
2) Tried the gui tool, (as a minimum I thought I'd turn it to the lowest
level) it brings up a command prompt which freezes...
3) Tried editing the files to disable it at reboot, fails with "file is
read only", chmod failed with "file is read only", chmod of the directory
failed with "read only"..

Is there any chance that, as a minimum it could give an error message like
"SELinux configuration is corrupt, boot halted" as it took me a loooooong
time to figure out what was wrong... And is there a documented process to
handle a situation where the configuration is corrupted (accidentally or
during an update) and the whole system is locked?

Don't (Please don't) take this in the wrong way, I quite like FC5 apart
from the effects of the new security, and I am sure there are people that
need this, it's just for me the cure is proving much worse than the disease.

Keiron Casey

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