SElinux Removal?

Paul Howarth paul at
Wed Apr 19 20:56:44 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-04-19 at 16:42 -0400, Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-13-04 at 17:52 +0100, idonttrustmspassport at
> wrote:
> > Is it possible to remove SELinux completely during FC5 installation, or
> > even when installed?
> Speaking about removal, I have my own problems with the damn thing.  I
> have NEVER been able to run Request Tracker on a Red Hat machine with
> SElinux in enforcing mode.  I've tried customizing my local policy, but
> even when no more AVC's are printed to the log file, RT still refuses to
> run.  Put SElinux into permissive mode, and viola, RT is running again.

The Fedora Extras rt3 package contains a README.fedora file that tells
you how to get it to work under SELinux.

> I know personally of 5 businesses that completely abandoned RHEL 4
> because they could not get their apps to work with SElinux enabled.  So,
> they made the enlightened decision to go back to RH9.  Brilliant.
> Ah well.  I'm hoping one day SElinux will be much easier to admin and
> use.  For now, what a massive pain in the ass.
> BTW, you should be able to put SElinux into permissive mode.  That
> effectively turns SElinux "off" (not completely, but I bet you really
> don't care for the explanation). :)

# setenforce 0


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