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Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Tue Apr 25 02:30:12 UTC 2006

At 10:18 PM -0400 4/23/06, Tony Nelson wrote:
>At 8:32 PM -0400 4/20/06, Tony Nelson wrote:
>>This is probably only marginally related to SELinux.  I'm trying to learn
>>how to use dump and restore (via DVD+/-R), and I've gotten it working to
>>the point where the files seem to be OK but the SELinux Extended Attributes
>>are not.  I used the commands (as root, with / being LogVol02):
>>    # mount -r /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 /mnt/lv00
>>    # dump -0 -L xxx -B 4590208 -f /tmp/dumpdvd /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00
>>        [cdrecord used once per tape, from another terminal]
>>        # cdrecord -v -sao dev=dvd -data /tmp/dumpdvd
>>    # restore -C -f /dev/dvd
>>OK, some of that is superstition, but it works except for about one of
>>these messages for each file, and no other errors (according to grep -v):
>>    ./path/to/file: EA foo_x:object_r:bar_y value changed
>>What am I doing wrong?
>What I'm doing wrong is dumping (on FC5) a volume made with FC3 and then
>running restore on FC5.  FC5's SELinux activates the 4th component (MLS) of
>the Security Context.  Getxattr() is returning the 4th component (probably
>inventing it), but dump didn't put one in the dump -- looking at the code,
>I think that the 4th component must not be on the source disk.
>I found this by groveling through the source for restore, looking at
>misleading ls -lZ output, and then calling getxattr() and seeing what it
>returned.  This would have been easier if ls -lZ showed the same thing that
>getxattr() returned, but ls -lZ left off the new MLS stuff.
>Is there a way to set SELinux to allow restore -C to work?
>What would need to be done to restore to get it to cope with this change,
>for dumps that don't have MLS being restored on systems that do?

Having received no response from this list, the problem is moved to bugzilla:

[Bug 189845] New:  FC5 SELinux causes miscompares for restore -C

[ dump-Bugs-1475895 ] FC5 SELinux causes miscompares for restore -C
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