HOWTO: kdebluetooth with SELinux on FC5

Charles-Edouard Ruault ce at
Fri Apr 28 12:48:22 UTC 2006

Thorsten Scherf wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 09:50 +0200, Charles-Edouard Ruault wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> for those who are interested, after struggling to get kdebluetooth to
>> work on my FC5 with SELinux targetted policy i've published a HOWTO at
>> the following address:
>> Feel free to let me know if i've missed something or if it can be improved.
>> Regards.
> 4) Configure selinux You need to download and install one of the
> following policy modules, depending on the pin helper you're going to
> use: 
>       * bluez-pin, source file here. <-- just a .te-file
>       * kblupin, source file here.   <--  just a .te-file
> Save the policy file and then as root, load it using the following
> command:semodule -i policyname.pp 
> You can't load the source file as mentioned in your HOWTO. You have to
> rebuild a policy-package file and than use semodule -i file.pp to load
> it.
Hi Thorsten,
thanks for the feedback. I guess the text is not clear enough :(
If you click on the 'here' link , you get the source file ( .te ) and 
you have to compile it as explained in the document ( a little bit below ).
If you click on the 'bluez-pin' or 'kbluepin' link then you get the .pp 
which can be loaded as stated with semodule -i file.pp .
I'll try to make it clearer ....

Charles-Edouard Ruault
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