strict error message

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Mon Aug 7 03:10:02 UTC 2006

Stefan wrote:
>> Remove that apt policy package
>> semodule -r apt -s strict
>> in strict policy.
> Is this really a solution? What if someone needs this policy? It sucks 
> if a policy update comes out and everytime you have to remove this 
> module. Is there no better way?
> -Stefan
The problem was that strict policy used to ship with this module.  I 
dropped it when I relized apt was not used to install dpkg, on FC 
packages, but to install rpm packages.  So we needed to remove the 
package and change the context to rpm_exec_t.  Problem is that there is 
no good way for the update procedure to remove a loadable module.  (Well 
I could have removed it in a post install.)

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