RHEL4 Strict Policy Question

Ricardo Neves jrmneves at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 18 23:26:43 UTC 2006

I'm new to SELinux and I have a basic doubt that I can't find any conclusive 
answer.   I'm building a prototype using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 and I 
want to consider using a strict policy for this project.   The base strict 
policy does not come with Red Hat, so I've been searching and reading 
conflicting information about it which would be (1)downloading from Red Hat 
(I can't find it anywhere) or (2) getting it from Fedora Core 4 and making 
some tweaks in the policy.

Can anybody tell me if any of these options apply?   If I need to download 
from Red Hat, is it charged and, if I should get from FC4, is it usable at 
all when applied to RHEL4?

Thanks in advance,  I apologize if this has been asked before in this 

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