suggest an icon for selinux (e.g. setroubleshoot)

Richard Irving rirving at
Wed Aug 30 14:33:38 UTC 2006

John Dennis wrote:

>We need an icon to be used on the desktop which is associated with
>SELinux. The first intended use would be the icon associated with
>setroubleshoot to indicate you have an SELinux issue to deal with.
>In the interim we've been using Tux with a badge, but we can't use Tux
>because of legal constraints (however, lets not go down that rathole in
>this thread :-).
>We can't use a police badge because that's very close to the icon used
>for consolehelper root access.
>So far we've come up with:
>* Traffic Light (indicates stop/go).
>* Crossed swords
>* Bobby hat (English policeman)
>We would like some suggestions, anybody have a good idea? Just remember
>it has to be identifiable at small sizes. Images associated with the NSA
>probably won't get warm feelings in a variety of places.
  Images associated with NSA won't go over well ?  Hrmm.... maybe this is a
*detailed* look and feel.... how about a star fish, inside an unbroken 
circle ?

(It is ready made for O'Reilly  ;-)
  PPS: The crossed swords have my vote, if you don't like the starfish.

  That, or you put the starfish inside a pentagon.....instead of an 
unbroken circle,
just different enough from the original to be unique. It would then 
"isolation and containment".... aligning the stars legs to the corners 
of the pentagon,
isolating each 5th of the pentagon from the other.

  Both are recognizable, but not too similar to familiar logo's among 
the puzzle palace crowd.

(James Bamford, I am not.)

  Of course, you could use the silhouette of a piece of a jigsaw 
puzzle..... maybe with 5 "connectors",
but that would be too obscure...

 Or, yet still, combine the elements, a jigsaw puzzle piece, with a 
starfish, inside a pentagon,
on the surface of the puzzle piece.  ;-)

Of course, there is the idea of a simple old fashioned "Flask" as a 
logo...... maybe even an
antique flask, like a goatskin wine canteen (Zahato). That idea has some 

  </.02c ALT="To be taken with a grain of salt, and a little imagination.">

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