suggest an icon for selinux (e.g. setroubleshoot)

Knute Johnson knute at
Wed Aug 30 23:26:59 UTC 2006

How about an alligator?


>We need an icon to be used on the desktop which is associated with
>SELinux. The first intended use would be the icon associated with
>setroubleshoot to indicate you have an SELinux issue to deal with.
>In the interim we've been using Tux with a badge, but we can't use Tux
>because of legal constraints (however, lets not go down that rathole in
>this thread :-).
>We can't use a police badge because that's very close to the icon used
>for consolehelper root access.
>So far we've come up with:
>* Traffic Light (indicates stop/go).
>* Crossed swords
>* Bobby hat (English policeman)
>We would like some suggestions, anybody have a good idea? Just remember
>it has to be identifiable at small sizes. Images associated with the NSA
>probably won't get warm feelings in a variety of places.
>John Dennis <jdennis at>
>Red Hat Inc.
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