re-configuring PHP

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Wed Feb 14 03:21:17 UTC 2007

Bruce Therrien wrote:
> Go-daddy insists that I re-configure PHP to use GD.

What do they have to do with configuring your FC6 server?  And what
does this have to do with SELinux?

> Can someone tell me where PHP is located on my server. 
> All I can find is php.ini........
> I'm running core 6, with PHP 5.0.4, but I need the GD support.

So you've compiled your own php already and done so with a lower
version than FC6 ships with?  5.1.6 is what came with FC6.  And if you
used the stock setup all you'd have to do to enable GD support in php
is yum install php-gd, then restart httpd.

> I have the configure text ready to execute, but where?

You need to run configure in the directory where you extract the php
source.  I couldn't tell you where that is on your server.

Best to ask for help on another list, though I'm not sure what the
most appropriate suggestion would be if you're rolling your own and not
using the packages provided.  Perhaps there's a proper list?

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