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Re: FC5, Apache, Bugzilla, SELinux issues

I installed bugzilla via yum to get all the perl modules installed nicely (perl CPAN was being an arse) then untar'd the latest bugzilla into /var/www/html/bugzilla/ and followed the setup docs from there.

Out of curiosity, I realise this is the wrong list for this... The skin on the Redhat bugzilla is really nice looking, where can I get me one of those? :)  The default install layout is ugly!

On 05/01/07, Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
R Edmonds wrote:
> Once again, thanks to all who helped.  I have Bugzilla successfully up and
> running on FC5 with SELinux!
> A few notes about my experiences:
> My install was Bugzilla 2.22.1, which had a bug in the groups preferences
> page.  I grabbed the patch and after applying it the whole site went
> back to
> being broken.
> I reloaded the policy and reran restorecon -rv /var/lib/bugzilla
> /var/www/html/bugzilla/
> then all was well again.

Reloading the policy should not be necessary (including after a reboot);
the restorecon should be sufficient.

Are you using the bugzilla RPM from Extras, or a locally-installed version?


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