Novice problem with apol/ policy.conf

Markelov Andrey amarkelov at
Fri Jul 27 13:58:24 UTC 2007

I am novice in SELinux. For policy analysis I compiled policy.conf from selinux-policy-2.4.6-30.el5.src.rpm on RHEL5. 
When I tried to open policy.21 with apol (GUI version 3.0
 libapol version 3.0.0) it was ok. But when i opened  policy.conf  i received the following error: The selected file does not appear to be a valid SELinux Policy. Error opening policy: Input/output error. And in console 
tmp/rolemap.conf:624:ERROR 'syntax error' at token 'ntfs-3g' on line 1563798:
genfscon ntfs-3g / system_u:object_r:dosfs_t

genfscon msdos / system_u:object_r:dosfs_t

What is the possible reason?
Andrey Markelov
Plus Communications
Phone: +7(495)777-0-111 ext.533

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