loadkeys.... I see red.... (minor)

Tom London selinux at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 14:20:17 UTC 2007

Running latest Rawhide, targeted/enforcing.

On boot, I get failure message from rc.sysinit when loading keymap.

System->Administration->Keyboard produces AVCs, so I suspect the
bootup failure is related.

Appears that loadkeys will try to search current working directory for
keymap file if its argument is not an 'absolute path'.

So, s-c-keyboard will try to search /home and /home/<user>.  Not sure
which directory loadkeys runs in during rc.sysinit.

I've thought of the following options:

1. Change rc.sysinit to include full path in call to loadkeys. That
will probably turn RED message on boot to GREEN.  But, s-c-keyboard
will still produce AVCs. [Seems to 'work', however.]

2. Change loadkeys to only look at /lib/kbd.  I'm guessing this is not
likely, nor correct.

3. Allow loadkeys_t to search home_dir_t and home_root_t or DONTAUDIT.

4. Other?  Combination?

Tom London

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