Containing vmware player 2.0.0 with SELINUX

Louis Lam lshoujun at
Mon Jul 30 09:11:14 UTC 2007


I think i'm having a policy compilation problem here

I've moved the domain_auto_trans($1_t, vmware_exec_t, $1_vmware_t) statement to vmware.if. I was following the domain_auto_trans rules for other apps such as mozilla. The syntax error problem went away. 

But the problem is that the domain transition didn't take place. My vmplayer is still running in unconfined state.

I'm doing compilation of the vmware.pp module using make -f /usr/share/selinux/devel/Makefile. I've tried to purposely introduce errors into vmware.if to see if the compilation is effective:

e.g. domain_auto_trans($2, $2, $1_t, vmware_exec_t, $1_vmware_t)

But the make process didn't detect any errors and the compilation still went on. I did a diff between the vmware.pp at the /etc/selinux/targeted/modules/active/modules/vmware.pp and the development directory (where I do all my compilation), but there are no differences.

Does it mean if the vmware.if file is modified it will not affect the make? 

How do you ensure that the changes at vmware.if  effective? (well at least cause some compilation errors?)


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Louis Lam wrote:
> My mistakes, apologies for the confusion, under part 2, I was trying to do domain_auto_trans instead of doman_entry_file, so...
> 2. Created a domain transition so that the vmware user programs e.g.
> /usr/lib/vmplayer script, /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmplayer that are
> labelleled system_u:object_r:vmware_exec_t will transit to
> system_u:object_r:vmware_t when executed. I put it also in vmware.te:
> domain_auto_trans($1_t, vmware_exec_t, $1_vmware_t)
> but
>  on making the vmware.pp module I get this warning and error:
> 'syntax error' at token '1' on line 81143:
> #line 13
>     allow $1_t vmware_exec_t: file {getattr read execute};

this rule is generated by domain_auto_trans, so i think the
syntax error should be caused by other rules.

you may check other rules in your policy.

> Thanks in advance,
> Louis
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> Subject: Re: Containing vmware player 2.0.0 with SELINUX
> Thanks Daniel for the information, hi everyone
> I've tried to make the following changes:
> 1. Defined the vmware_t type in vmware.te:
> type vmware_t;
> I need to do this since I'm trying to let the vmware user program run under vmware_t domain but this is not defined. In terms of overall code compliance is it correct to define here? or should be at the vmware.if?

type definition should be in vmware.te

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