Intel Network card does not work on SELinux?

Daniel J Walsh dwalsh at
Thu Oct 4 14:47:44 UTC 2007

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Shintaro Fujiwara wrote:
> 2007/10/4, Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh at>:
> Shintaro Fujiwara wrote:
>>>> Thanks! Eric,
>>>> but my version is F7 so I read both files.
>>>> But no denied messages.
>>>> It's strange and I don't understand why it
>>>> woks on Default permissive, setenforce 1,
>>>> and
>>>> not works on Default enforcing, setenforce 0...
>>>> And strange enough, maybe once in ten times it works
>>>> even in Default enforcing...
>>>> Also, sometimes does not work on Default permissive
>>>> at all.
>>>> I think some other reason...
>>>> or
>>>> I should relabel again.
>>>> If it does not work,
>>>> I manage Default permissive and setenforce 1
>>>> for a while.
> Sound like something is being dontaudited.
> So this works with setenforce 0/Permissive mode
> and Does not work with setenforce 1/Enforincing mode.
>> I don't find an answer yet and enableaudit not yet but,
>> I found weired thing that it's different when I login as non root user
>>  and su - between when I login as root.
>> And once I fail using network I have to relabel everytime.
>> I just want to make a SE-PostgreSQL machine for Kaigai for the conference
>> and there are no time to analize but I will scrutinize it on Sunday after
>> the conference maybe just doing enableaudit thing.
>> I will give report on it and want to fix this problem forever :-)
Sounds like just /etc/resolv.conf is getting wrong context.  You can
just run restorecon -R -v /etc and it will probably fix your problem
without a full relabel.

>>>> Thanks!
>>>> 2007/10/3, Eric Paris <eparis at>:
>>>>> On Wed, 2007-10-03 at 02:03 +0900, Shintaro Fujiwara wrote:
>>>>>> Hi, I'm having trouble on SELinux, I think.
>>>>>> I bought an old note-pc, NEC Lavie M LM500/3.
>>>>>> Manufactured in 2002.
>>>>>> It has an network controller named "82551QM Fast Ethernet Controller".
>>>>>> By that machine,
>>>>>> I cannot connect network on targeted enforcing mode.
>>>>>> eth0 rises up OK, but ping not reacheable.
>>>>>> On disabled, yes.
>>>>>> So, I thought it's a SELinux problem.
>>>>>> No denied messages, so I have no clues.
>>>>>> Not yet done enableaudit everything.
>>>>>> I tried to install Intel driver but failed,
>>>>>> echoed messages something like,
>>>>>> no such file config.h...
>>>>> My only thought is are you looking in the right place?  denials may be
>>>>> in /var/log/messages or in /var/log/audit/audit.log depending if the
>>>>> audit subsystem is on.  What version of Fedora are you running?
>>>>> /me bets on some mislabeled files from when you ran with selinux off,
>>>>> but if you can find those denials that would help.
>>>>> -Eric
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