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Sandra Rueda ruedarod at
Tue Oct 9 01:20:14 UTC 2007


I am interested in the SELinux Policy Server Project that is lead by  
Tresys. I looked for information about it and I downloaded the  
version of the SELinux Policy Server that is available at

I have some questions regarding the process to build the server:

- The guide indicates that the kernel requires some modifications.  
However, by reading the readme files inside the package it looks like  
such modifications were required for those kernels that did not  
include SELinux by default. Thus fedora core 5 and higher do not  
really require such modifications. For recent kernel with SElinux  
support I only need to apply the changes to the selinux policy  
directory. Is this right?

- It looks like the commands included in the package do not work with  
policies higher than 18. The command checkpolicy complains when I try  
to compile my reference policy because of the optional policies.  
Should I look for older versions of the reference policy?

- Also, the checkpolicy created with the package does not support the  
option -M. Does it mean that the current version of the Policy Server  
does not  support the MLS extension?  I know this is a project in  
development but in any case I would like to know.

If anyone have answers or comments regarding my questions I would  
really appreciate any help.

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