mrtg selinux denials in default configuration

David Timms dtimms at
Thu Apr 10 22:12:26 UTC 2008

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
> David Timms wrote:
>> David Timms wrote:
>>> Should there be selinux denials on a default install of a package ?
>> audit item attached.

> Your /root directory is labeled incorrectly.
I did a touch /.autorelabel and reboot yesterday morning, and made the 
setroubleshooter work. These have occurred since then. There is some old 
.xauth files from last year in the folder, but none seem to have 
incorrect context.

> restorecon -R -v /root
Tried restorecon -R -v -n /root
- there were no replies.

restorecon -R -v /root
- there was also no replies.
My understanding is that any files that needed their secontext restored 
woudl have been echoed.

> Should fix.  That is what setroubleshoot suggested, did you try it.
Is {restorecon -v './root'} the same as the above ?
It does not echo any response either.

> Default installs should not be generating AVC's
Does that include an upgrade F8-F9beta ?

In any case I'm doing a full relabel again, after I send this message, 
and I'll see if that solves it...

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