FW: SELinux, apache/php and qmail's sendmail

D. Hilbig selinux at hilbig.name
Tue May 13 18:57:07 UTC 2008

Can someone please help me with this?

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Subject: SELinux, apache/php and qmail's sendmail

I use qmail instead of sendmail on RHEL v5 and I could use some advice on
setting contexts for qmail's sendmail so that apache/php can use it.

Below are the files and directories involved with qmail's sendmail (and
delivery to queue)

allow apache/php to invoke qmail's sendmail program:

allow qmail's sendmail to invoke qmail-inject program:

allow qmail-inject to list the contents of the config files directory:

allow qmail-inject to read the config files it uses:

allow qmail-inject to invoke qmail-queue program:

allow qmail-queue to read the config file used by the 'taps' patch:

allow qmail-queue to put a message into the queue:
(create, edit, delete and link files)
  /var/qmail/queue/pid (and subdirectories)
  /var/qmail/queue/mess (and subdirectories)
  /var/qmail/queue/intd (and subdirectories)
  /var/qmail/queue/todo (and subdirectories)

For testing I specified the context "httpd_sys_content_t" but I know that it
isn't the desired context.  What context(s) should I specify for the
aforementioned programs, directories and configuration files?

Are there any other things I should do or consider besides setting the

Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

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