livecd-creator + selinux

Bill Nottingham notting at
Thu May 15 21:05:49 UTC 2008

Eric Paris (eparis at said: 
> So I'm still stumbling along in the dark trying to get livecd-creator to
> build me a nice new F10 image inside an F10 host.  I've actually got an
> image that built and runs, but not without its issues.
> my kickstart file has:
> auth --enableshadow --enablemd5
> rootpw redhat
> but the livecd always has x for the password in /etc/password and * for
> the password in /etc/shadow.  No ideas here I must admit.  I'm highly
> doubtful its selinux since it happens in permissive and enforcing.  I
> have just been booting into single user, calling passwd, init 3, and
> logging in to play around in my live image....

LiveCD has no root password. AFAIK, it just ignores that line.


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