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Justin P. Mattock justinmattock at
Sat Aug 8 00:07:06 UTC 2009

Peter Joseph wrote:
> Hmm, this should not happen on a fresh
> fedora 11 install.
>    from just looking, it sounds
> like the dbus user is not correct. i.g. on my system
> I have built dbus to have a user name.
> if  I look in /etc/group
> it says
> messagebus:x:111:myname
> distros I think do this differently.
> Justin P. Mattock
> --
> Yes, I looked into /etc/group - dbus user is set as follows:
> dbus:x:81:
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that looks right.
what you might try, is loading a fresh
dbus install from source(if you feel comfortable
with that) and during the ./configure stage
add the dbus-user switch then after installing
add your name to /etc/group(or before installing)


this way you know that dbus is compiled
with you as the username, and that any other issue
might be in /etc/dbus-1/*
in some config file.(or check /etc/dbus-1/*
first before compiling)

heres a good set of instructions:

Justin P. Mattock

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