Vadym Chepkov chepkov at
Fri Jun 5 21:14:22 UTC 2009

I started to work on a test case for selinux/winbind and found another unrelated issue with pam_mkhomedir. SELinux doesn't allow winbind user to create a home for himself and copy files from /etc/skel, I had to add the following rules into the local policy:

allow sshd_t user_home_dir_t:file { write create setattr };

I searched bugzilla and it seems a related case was already filed (Bug 447096) against Fedora 9. I don't see an option to modify the bug and make it Fedora 10, which means after Fedora 11 is released it will be automatically closed without resolution like it has happened so many times in the past. Is the a way to keep a bug alive until it is actually resolved? Thanks.

Sincerely yours,
  Vadym Chepkov

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