audit and /etc/profile.d in Fedora 11

Vadym Chepkov chepkov at
Wed Jun 10 16:05:15 UTC 2009


I am not really sure it is SELinux related, but for the lack of a better audience I thought I would share my observation of a newly installed Fedora 11. During system startup some audit related process is trying to execute all scripts in /etc/profile.d/ and since I always have a separate /usr file system it fails miserable trying to do so, since /usr is not mounted yet. I am pretty sure it doesn't affect functionality and can be ignored in my case, but still, I would expect only login shell executing those scripts.
It happens right after 'audit policy loaded' line and before 'Welcome to Fedora'. 

Sincerely yours,
  Vadym Chepkov

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