[ANN] CDS Framework 3.6

Dave Sugar dsugar at tresys.com
Tue Jun 23 17:54:08 UTC 2009

Version 3.6 of the CDS Framework Toolkit from Tresys Technology is now
available for download from the Tresys Open Source website at

The CDS Framework Toolkit is an Eclipse plug-in that allows engineers to
graphically design a system's security architecture, targeting
information flow security goals. The toolkit uses the security
architecture diagram to generate SELinux policy based on the Reference
Policy or CLIP policy. It integrates with SLIDE to provide additional
SELinux policy development capabilities.

CDS Framework version 3.6 - highlights:

 * Adds feature to hide secondary information flows.
 * Adds quick fix support added to audit view to fix denials by
modifying the security architecture diagram.

Dave Sugar
Tresys Technology, LLC

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