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Re: Moving /etc/fonts/ to fonts_t?

Daniel J Walsh wrote:
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: Daniel J Walsh wrote:
: > Jan Kasprzak wrote:
: >> 	In my Fedora 10 system, all fonts under /usr/share/fonts
: >> are of the fonts_t type, while the fontconfig files under /etc/fonts
: >> are of the default etc_t type. I think it would make sense to move
: >> the whole /etc/fonts directory under the fonts_t type, so that user
: >> can easily say "this domain can use fonts" and be done without allowing
: >> the domain to read the whole /etc directory and files.
: > 
: > yes.  If there are fonts in /etc/fonts it should be labeled fonts_t
: if they are not fonts though lots of domains can write to fonts_t

	These are configuration files for fontconfig-based fonts
(used by GNOME/KDE, xetex, ...). Virtual fonts like "mono" or "serif"
are described here, etc. It probably makes sense that everybody who
can legally write /usr/share/fonts should also be able to write to /etc/fonts.


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