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Re: The SELinux Documentation Project [Request for topics]

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 03:48:29PM -0400, Joshua Brindle wrote:
> As we discussed at Linux Plumbers Conference during the 'Making
> SELinux Easier to Use" talk we have some document deficiencies in
> the SELinux project.
> I volunteered to start an SELinux Documentation Project. The primary
> purpose of the project would be to get as much documentation as
> possible on the selinuxproject.org wiki, organized in a fashion that
> users can understand and consume easily.
> As I admitted before, we, the developers, are not always the best
> people to judge what documentation users need and therefore am
> requesting users, hopefully from different backgrounds and
> environments, tell us what documentation they feel is lacking, what
> questions they've been asked or have asked themselves and couldn't
> find documentation for.
> I think we need basic documentation that tells about SELinux (both
> beginner and advanced), howto's for specific things (using secmark,
> using netlabel, etc) and a set of short 'recipes' to accomplish
> simple tasks.
> There are documents all over the place with various information, as
> well as blog entries and mailing list archives but the effort here
> is to consolidate all those resources onto selinuxproject.org.
> I'd also like to see volunteers in the community to help out with
> the documentation effort, I know quite a few people already write
> things like this on blogs, etc and it would be great to see that
> information moved/copied onto selinuxproject.org.
> Users:
> Please, if you are a user and have run in to lack of documentation
> respond to this thread, or privately if you aren't comfortable
> talking on list so that we can collect what the biggest deficiencies
> are and get to writing documentation as soon as possible.

Also a lot of frequently asked questions are answered really well on the maillists. Maybe we can pick the best from there and create a FAQ with a selection of those.

My blog posts, e-mails and etcetera can be used/modified/redistributed by anyone as far as i am concerned. There are no restrictions at all.

I have plenty things to talk about but i have alteast two problems: 1. my writing skills. 2. need specific topics, so that i can write "to the point" articles and not pages full of dull material where halfway i lost focus on the actual topic.

If there are people reading this that have experience with writing documentation etcetera and that want to help create documentation (and in the process learn a bit about SELinux), please let us know.

> Thanks.
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