Minimal Install Option

Jef Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Aug 21 13:38:09 UTC 2003

Bill Anderson wrote:
>Wouldn't it be great if the Minimal Install option meant what it said?
>Who seriously believe NIS belongs on a firewall?? Minimal states it is
>for such things as firewalls

File it as a bug! Or maybe you want to step up and be part of a
worthwhile discussion as to re-working of the existing minimal install
option. Since it seems its really a more a matter of how the packages
are grouped and which groups a minimal install actually installs..its
more a policy issue than an expert coding issue. This seems like
something we can have a nice lovely little community discussion
about...instead of just poking repeatedly at the anaconda maintainer to
remove this one package here...or this one other package..or maybe add
this one package to minimal. And its certainly a better idea to fix the
current minimal install offering than adding another minimal minimal
layer beyond the "broken" minimal.

I think its pretty clear there is room for volunteers on in impacting
how the current minimal install behaves. If your serious about "fixing"
the current minimal offering, I suggest the interested people make a
stab at drawing up a consensus replacement package list, with some
discussion as to why you are dropping each package. Those interested
could probably go back and forth a few times on what minimal should be
"sanely" including and then make a worthwhile bugticket entry...saving
some Red Hat developer time to be spent on some higher priority issues. 
If there is some obvious consensus from the obviously technically
literate people who have a need for minimal install as to how to fix the
current minimal package list, I doubt their collective best-effort
opinions would be completely ignored. But repeating the "one guy wanting
one package in/out of minimal" scenario X number of times isn't going to
move anything forward. And of course..submitted patches would probably
even less ignored then a consensus best effort essay on the matter. 

-jef"put up or..."spaleta 

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