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nvidia and severn2 -- an alternative

  rather than messing with CC=gcc32 or IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH, here's an
alternative way of installing your nvidia drivers (at least, it works for
me, so i'm open to corrections/clarifications).

  download the latest nvidia driver from www.nvidia.com,
NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run.  don't try to install it, just extract
it into a directory with:

  $ sh NV...run --extract-only

now, as root, "cd" into that directory and just run "make install".  that
should build the driver and install it. because you're actually compiling
the driver, you're pretty likely to not have to worry about any compiler

  but wait -- there's more.

  if you're running the 2.6.0-xxx kernel, go to www.minion.de, and grab
the single diff file NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-4496-2.6.diff. (note: while i'm
grateful for that site, i find the explanation there virtually

  apply that single diff file against the nvidia directory you extracted,
in the subdirectory .../usr/src/nv, then create the single symlink
Makefile -> Makefile.kbuild.  return to the top level nvidia directory
and, once again,

  # make install

every time you boot under a new kernel, the previous nvidia module won't
be any good, so just head back to your nvidia directory and rerun "make

  i use this constantly as i like to keep up with the 2.6.0 bk patches.

  thoughts?  it's actually a pretty straightforward process once you get
it down, it supports the 2.6,0 kernel, and i never have to mess with
compiler version issues. 


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