Fix for 'no driver found' problem with Kickstart?

Edwards, Scott (MED, Kelly IT Resouces) James.Edwards at
Fri Apr 16 15:55:56 UTC 2004

The first time I just downloaded the initrd.img, isolinux.bin, and
vmlinuz and it complained that "No Fedora Core CD found which matches
the boot media" thing.

I guessed that it was because I didn't get the matching stage2.img?
So yesterday I downloaded a new copy of all 4.  (I had a terrible time
getting them as at first wouldn't let me
in and then when I finally got in it wouldn't let me access anything.
I finally found them on the ibiblio mirror.)

But now I get an error when Anaconda is starting up (the part that
remained on the screen long enough for me to copy is as follows):

..., line 24, in ?
   import rhpl.monitor as monitor
..., line 425, in ?
..., line 416, in read_modes
   raise_exceptions.StandardError("Invalid modeline in file: %s"%(line))
Standard Error: Invalid modeline in file:
install exited abnormally

I'm going to change the kickstart file to try a text mode install and
see if I get any farther.


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I think I'm the 'someone else' refered to.

I found that updating to the latest(from development tree) versions of:-

Fixed the 'no driver found' problem. Which seemed to be a problem with 
the driver for the CDROM drive rather than the hard drive by the way.

Not sure if you need to update all of these but definitely 1 or more of 
the first 3 is required. I tried just stage2.img on its own first and 
that did NOT fix it.

So I guess whatever the problem was it has been fixed.

Hope this helps,

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> Subject: Fix for 'no driver found' problem with Kickstart.
> I have the same trouble that someone else mentioned on the list a few
> ago: FC2T2 boots and installs fine manually, but if I try to use a
> file (even the one that anaconda created from the manual install), I
get the
> "No Driver Found" box with no IDE drivers listed.
> I have read through all of the e-mails from the list for the last
couple of
> weeks (even all of the BAD Joke ones) and I didn't see any mentions of
> work around or solution to this one.  I also did several searches on
> bugzilla and could not find this problem.  If it is already in
> could someone point it out to me.
> I am installing on a Pentium 4 from a custom CD with the kickstart
file on
> it. As I said before if I don't use the kickstart file and just
> manually it installs fine.
> Thanks
>    -Scott

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