Request for testing: system-config-network-1.3.17-2

Harald Hoyer harald at
Fri Jul 2 08:30:54 UTC 2004

Please test this version and see it as a FC2 bugfix erratum candidate.

- better "make clean"
- removed references to Red Hat Linux
- added testsuite for data layer
- added some module-info entries
- added command line parsing to network-control
- added IPsec to network-cmd
- switched logging to syslog
- do not touch bonding slaves
- better alias handling
- better handling of chroot
- read *.ko modules also
- handle modules parameter without "="
- create correct SPI_ identifier for manual IPsec keying
- better hostname handling
- better profile handling
- fix kernel version parsing
- unknown-flag.xpm for unknown country flags
- fixed TokenRing glade file (bad hash at beginning of file)
- fix the length of IPSec shared keys
- prevent modified status after profile switching
- save dialog, for ipsec deactivation
- PEERDNS defaults to yes
- routing for wireless config dialog
- only display CIPE for kernel < 2.6

Harald Hoyer, Senior Software Engineer <harald at>
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