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Re: 2.6.5-1.349 ignores selinux=0

On May  4, 2004, Arjan van de Ven <arjanv redhat com> wrote:

> On Tue, May 04, 2004 at 11:11:26AM -0400, James Morris wrote:
>> On Tue, 4 May 2004, Stephen Smalley wrote:
>> > Interesting - the CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM option is not set in
>> > the kernel configuration in the corresponding kernel SRPM, so the
>> > selinux=0 support is disabled.
>> I don't know why this is disabled now.  Arjan?

> isn't this obsoleted by the /etc/sysconfig/selinux thing in SysVinit ?

If you manage to get that far...

But if the policy is messed up in such a way that you can no longer
boot, not even in single user, it can get tricky to fix if there's no
way to disable selinux from the boot command line.

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