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Re: cyrus-imap

On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 14:20, Ken Snider wrote:
> Anyone have any information (anecdotal or otherwise) on the performance of
> cyrus versus UW-IMAPd on really big mailboxes (more than 1 gig/30k
> messages)? Or is this exclusively a function of mailbox format?

I wondered this myself, as one of the main reasons i switched to
cyrus-imap was the woeful performance of uw-imap.

On UW-imap, mailboxes only 10meg in size took "a while" to open. Far
longer than they should. On Cyrus, there was no noticeable delay between
clicking on the message, and the message loading in the preview pane.

To _really_ test it out, i set up a small usenet feed (1 binary group)
and delivered it to cyrus using fetchnews. Over the space of a few days,
the group reached over 7gig in size, and performance was still really
outstanding (ie far better than uw-imap with its 10meg mailboxes)

Note I was only testing with a single user on both UW and Cyrus, on a
1.7GHz P4/512MB Ram/80GIG WD HDD, but everything in cyrus outshined UW.

Is anyone else using Evolution/Pine + GSSAPI + Cyrus? How much does that
rock :)

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