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[FC2T3] Monitor resolution

I would like to change my monitors resolution with the
aid of the Display configuration in FC2T3. 

When selecting the appropriate display type, the
supported resolutions are displayed correctly. When I
choose 1024x786 as the default resolution and confirm
the selection, the xorg.conf file is changed.

When I re-open the Display configuration the supported
resolution is reduced to 600x480. The 1024x786
resolution is not shown in the list. Re-selecting the
same display type, re-displays all the supported

Apparantly FC2T3 does not remember the selection of
1024x786 as my default resolution and is not capable
of displaying the supported resolutions for the
selected display type.

Can anyone give me an advise on how to solve this
issue ?

Monitor: Philips Brilliance 17A
Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce FX5200

Regards, Stefan Lecho.

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