Serious reservations about FC2 release on 5/18

Confushion confushion at
Sun May 16 21:19:01 UTC 2004


Fedora Core 2 supposedly is about to be released.  

A very serious bug exists which can render dual-boot Windows XP
installations inoperable.  The problem has been discussed in other
threads here on this list, and can be found in bugzilla, so I won't go
over it in more detail.  Please see bugzilla bugs 120128 and 115980. 
This problem happens on my hardware even if the harddrive is wiped, and
a fresh Windows XP install is performed before FC2-test3.  
I know about this problem because I experienced it first hand in
FC2-test3.  The only way I've found to work around it is to install
Windows XP, then FC1, and finally do an UPGRADE to FC2-test3.  Something
is just plain not right with the FC2 "from scratch" installation
process.  This problem did NOT exist in FC1!

>From reading the threads on this list and bugzilla, I know I am not
alone in experiencing this problem.  Unless bugzilla is incorrect and
this bug has been fixed since FC2-test3, the fedora folks are about to
release a distribution which may negatively impact a significant portion
of the user base in a very nasty way.

I would hope there is at least something about this issue in the release


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