saw this review posted on slashdot of FC2

King, John (Greg) (LMIT-HOU) Greg.King at
Thu May 20 17:58:12 UTC 2004

Slashdot has a news item about an FC2 review ( posted on
That site is slashdotted though so good luck getting the review from there.
Fortunately someone decided to karma whore and posted the review on slashdot
My take on the review is that the author brings up some valid points IF he
was reviewing it under the proper context. IMO and based on what I have read
here, FC2 is for hobbyists, it is not supposed to be a Mandrake or Suse.
Therefore I feel the review is flawed based on expectations that should not
have been there.
What I do agree with is the inconsistency and the up2date issue that were
"The odd thing about Fedora is that it seems to be aimed at novice users but
is inconsistent. We are given the choices Web Browser, Email, Music Player
and Audio Player, but left with Kopete, Kget, Emacs and so forth. Either
your user knows what Kopete is or they don't. If you are simplifying the
menu, do it across the board or don't do it at all. This inconsistency
extends to the system itself. It is pretty and newbie friendly at first, but
if you need basic functionality such as mp3 playback you must hand edit the
yum configuration file. Up2date freezes, but the command line program yum
works well." - author quote

Anyhow, just an fyi so far I have had a pretty good run with FC2 although
the up2date bug and dual boot bug are annoying.


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