livecd using fedora core 3 with kde3.3.1, gnome 2.8 etc

Dirk Westfal livelinux at
Mon Nov 29 16:50:55 UTC 2004


don`t know if someone is interested, so i keep this short: 

I`ve finished a livecd using fedora core 3 with kde and gnome for the 
desktops, firefox/thunderbird, openoffice and other applications. 
Login manager is gdm, default desktop kde, gnome can also be selected. 

Auto save/restore of user sessions from usb storage (sda1) in kde - need some 
help to get that working in gnome. 

Also included is the fedora core 3 network install kernel/initrd from boot.iso 

Startuptime is ~1-3 Minutes on a 1,5 Ghz Amd/256Mb Ram with 52x ide cdrom 



Best Regards,
Dirk Westfal

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